Swing Dance Classes

Call/text Marie`s cell 604 536 0195 or email warriorswingdancefellowship@protonmail.com for more information. South Surrey Studio: 14579 16A Ave, BC, Canada

Learn How to Swing Dance with Progressive Beginner Swing Dance Classes. It is a fun easy way to learn a variety of swing dance basics! We teach all ages how to swing dance with fun easy triple time Lindy Hop; the vintage original social swing dance style from the 1930s. We assume that you can only count to 2, walk and run a little. You will get lots of repetition! The steps we teach are simple! Lots of laughs! No pressure! Learn new easy moves every class! In every class dance yourself happy to the swinging jazz music of the 30s, 40s & 50s.

BEGINNER SWING CLASS OPTIONS -each progressive class series is 4 hours long and is provided in 2 two hour classes or 4 one hour classes.

#1. Beginner Basic Love – No previous dance experience required. Learn the Beginner Basics of Swing Dance:) including open position 8 and 6 count basics, push, trading places with left and right side passes, easy Swing Out, Jockey, Jigs, twists, mess around.

#2. Beginner Turn of the Century– Learn how to mix your Beginner Basic Love with fun Beginner Turn of the Century moves for Savoy Lindy Hop including follow loop turn, follow arch turn, lead under turn, outside turn, inside turn.

#3. Beginner Date Night 1– Learn how to mix Basic Love and Turns of the Century with moves moves moves including moves into closed position and back into open position. the tuck turn, pop turn, hand change to right to right, glide to the side, half circle, flip flop, waist wrap, hand change behind the back, follow pop out, lead pop out.

#4. Beginner Date Night 2-A continuation of Date Night 1 with more moves including skaters, sweetheart, pull thru, free pull, charleston, American arm slide, barrel roll, she goes, he goes, promenade, jigs.

SWING DANCE PRIVATE LESSONS: All Levels! Registration required! Privates are $40/hour for 2-4 persons.


https://youtu.be/BBQQcQSNcDU Triple Step Exercises


This is a standard Frankie-4 swing out phrase + other 6 count moves which will you have the pleasure of learning in our beginner classes. 🙂