Dance Etiquette


  1. Hygiene: Before coming to class please shower, freshen breath (avoid alcohol and smoking before class) use deodorant. Alcohol on the breath will risk your removal from the class. If you perspire when you exercise please bring an extra shirt
  2. Smile: Be a fun person to dance with in class! Be friendly-don`t take anyone or anything too seriously.
  3. Class Format is usually a circle around the instructors. Our classes are seldom balanced so everyone has a partner. Singles are usually spaced in between the couples. They are waiting for a rotation to have a partner to dance with. When a rotation is called, smile and introduce yourself to the new partner. If you and your partner decide not to join in the rotation still smile and introduce yourselves to the rotating dancers and politely decline saying: “Thanks for offering, but we are not joining the rotation this time.” Be friendly! Repeat this every time you decline a rotation. When joining in the rotation, please first thank your current partner for dancing with you before introducing yourself to the next one. Thanks for your help making everyone feel welcome in the dance class regardless of age, dance experience or partner status. 
  4. Please Listen when the dance instructor is talking and WATCH when they demo before doing:) Dancers cannot listen to 2 voices at the same time. Please direct your questions to the instructor rather than to your classmates so everyone can benefit. The instructors provide frequent opportunities for students to ask questions, give comments or share ideas. 
  5. Please Understand that your role as a class participant is not to offer coaching/extra instruction to the other participants. Please leave feedback/advice to the instructors. Please refrain from asking other class participants for assistance during the class. Please direct your questions instead to the instructor who is there to help you.
  6. Your Comfort is very important to us. Let the instructor know if you are uncomfortable at any time. We can always adapt the instructions so you can dance in comfort. Let the instructor know right away if you experience pain when dancing. Do not dance with pain! You could be aggravating a previous injury.

OUR CODE OF CONDUCT provides a fun, joyful, safe, inclusive, playful dance class environment for ALL AGES. Thank you for being a valued and unique part of that environment. Here are a few priorities, which are deeply important to the organizers and the Swing Dance community. This code of conduct applies to you as an attendee & all instructors.

  1. Everyone is entitled to an environment free from harassment. This environment is for everyone regardless of gender, race, disability, physical appearance, religion, age, or dance experience/skill/style. Swing Dance Surrey will not tolerate harassment of any kind. This includes racist language, unwelcome sexual language, inappropriate touching, and inappropriate comments on physical appearance. All participants are entitled to enjoy the thrill of partner dancing without having to confront unwelcome interest or inappropriate comments.
  2. Have care for the safety and comfort of your partner and those around you on the dance floor.  If you or your partner bumps, kicks, or otherwise interacts in an unsafe way with someone else on the dance floor, check that all are okay before continuing to dance.
  3. Please do not consume alcohol before coming to dance class. Be responsible: which means committing to never drive a car under the influence and reflecting seriously upon your personal limits and how you may act while under the influence. Inebriation is not an excuse for harassing behaviour. 
  4. No smoking is permitted on the premises of Swing Dance Surrey, including the grounds.  If you are visibly under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, or other substances, or if you are behaving inappropriately or in an unruly manner, we reserve the right to remove you from Swing Dance Surrey Classes.
  5. Be a positive and considerate contributor to, and participant in, our joyous celebration of dance and music. Warrior Swing Dance Fellowship owners will listen with sensitivity, without judgement, and will attend to all concerns brought forward with care and discretion, according to the needs and wishes of the concerned party and the severity of the concern, in a timely manner. The owners may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the class with no refund. If you experience, witness, or hear of a violation of this code, or an instance of behaviour that causes you concern, please speak to the owners of Warrior Swing Dance Fellowship, Peter or Marie Welton, or send an email to or call/text cell 604 536 0195